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Sony’s New Climate Control Bluetooth Shirt

With all the technology around us, there is one thing we still have no control over. Nature. During cold weather we can only put on so many layers of clothing, and during summer we there’s a limit to how many clothes you can legally take off in public.

We have no control over the environment. But with this new device developed by SONY, we can always be at just the right temperature.

Your personal air conditioning

Reon Pocket is a smart, personal heating and air condition system that uses thermoelectric cooling and heating. The device can lower your ambient temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit and can also heat up by about 14 Fahrenheit degrees. The shirt comes in two versions, one controlled by Bluetooth, and a “lite” version controlled manually.

Reon Pocket, your personal climate control device

Reon Pocket charges using a USB-C connector in 2 hours, and the battery will last for 24 hours. This personal heating and air conditioning system will be available to the public March 2020, and price is relatively affordable at ¥12,760 (about US$117). Bad news is that for the meantime it will be only available in Japan. But we don’t doubt it will come to our country soon.

Would you wear one?

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Sony's New Climate Control Bluetooth Shirt
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