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ComputerKick started from a love of technology. We started tinkering with our first computers, replacing components, upgrading and tweaking, and we never stopped.

Now we work as information technology consultants to provide web development, tech support and cybersecurity services. We work with business owners, executives and individuals to deliver the technical solutions they need.

Our Clients

Our clients are entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, medical professionals, non-profits, educational organizations and schools. We are typically hired by small businesses.

Clients hire us to develop and optimize their websites, secure their data, plan their technology and upgrade their business processes.

How We Help

Small businesses call ComputerKick when:

  • Frustrated by the performance and quality of their website
  • Concerned about the security of their website
  • Tired of their obsolete computers and old network hardware
  • Looking to save money by automating business processes
  • Fed up with outdated software
  • Unable to get the data and reports they need
  • Planning business and information technology purchases
  • Worried about the security and continuity of their business data

Our Philosophy

Clients achieve success and high-quality solutions working with ComputerKick because:

  • We have more than 30 years of combined experience
  • Technology is more than just a day job, it’s our passion
  • We’re detail oriented
  • You get a consultant that tells you like it is and keeps working until the project is done right
  • Our skills are industry certified in cybersecurity and tech support
  • We work directly with your team to understand your business challenges
  • When it comes to troubleshooting your technology, don’t be surprised to see us roll up our sleeves and get dirty. We might even move furniture and get under desks to redo your wiring.
About us, philosophy


Our Team


Web developer and software engineer with an eye for detail. Experienced in computers, networks and server support. Background in business and educational fields, management and technical writing.


Expert in computer hardware, networks, security, IOT and enterprise support, with a background in marketing and customer service. Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.




Our clients come from across the country


Key Skills


Development and coding for your .NET and C# projects. Knowledgeable in front end development JavaScript .


Development and support for content management systems, Crystal Reports, Office, Excel and SQL server.


Setup and configuration for your computers, laptops, printers and networks, along with IOT and security systems.


Help with Adobe Photoshop, photography, photo manipulation, styling and themes, graphical layouts and logo design.


Website development for WordPress and ASP.NET, including CSS, HTML. Responsive pages for mobile. UI design.


Technical writing, end-user training, email, Active Directory. SharePoint administration and development.


Designed us an awesome website, with good images and colors, and works well on mobile. Also managed our social media accounts. Thanks!

We were doing things on paper... But they helped us streamline our accounting process with new online forms, reports and spreadsheets...

Creative and innovative, highlighted by the fact that they deliver end-to-end solutions, from the database, to business logic, to the front-end UI.


Detailed portfolio available on request

Knowledge. Communication. Innovation.

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Work with us to develop custom websites, intranets and web applications for your company data. ComputerKick can also help you reach your goals with Office 365, SharePoint, WordPress, forms and databases.