What is a hacker?

What Is a Hacker?

What is a hacker? The question probably makes you envision a figure in a hoodie, hunched over a keyboard. Movies and TV have popularized the stereotype. Simply put, a hacker uses malware, exploits and bugs to gain unauthorized access to a system.

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What Makes a Good Website

What Makes a Good Website

What makes a good or even a great website? Good websites focus on the basics. Start with functionality, minimalism, consistency and high quality content.

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What is a website?

What Is a Website?

What is a website? And how does it work? You open your computer browser, and within seconds, a website shows on your screen. But there are millions of pieces of computer code, wires and components that make websites work.

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Should You Outsource Your IT Department?

As a leader in your company, you’ll have to decide… Should you outsource your IT department? Information technology makes the backbone of your organization and is one of the largest investments a company will make.

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Web development, cybersecurity and computer tech support for small business and non-profits

ComputerKick is an information technology consultant that provides web development, tech support and cybersecurity services. We work with business owners, executives and individuals to deliver the technical solutions they need.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, medical professionals, non-profits, educational organizations and schools. We are typically hired by small businesses. Clients hire us to develop and optimize their websites, secure their data, plan their technology and upgrade their business processes.

Small businesses (and non-profits) call ComputerKick when:

  • Frustrated by the performance and quality of their website
  • Fed up with outdated software
  • Unable to get the data and reports they need
  • Worried about the security and continuity of their business data

Technology is more than our job. It's our passion. ComputerKick has more than 20 years of experience with:


Website development, including HTML, WordPress and .NET / Responsive web pages for mobile devices / Custom programming and applications


Installation and support for security systems / Disaster recovery planning / Security audits for programs, websites and networks


Tech support for computers, servers, devices and networks, on-site and remote / Management for your email and company directory


Training for you and your staff / Technical writing, planning and workflow automation / Custom reports, spreadsheets and databases

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