No one cares what your website looks like

No One Cares What Your Website Looks Like

A visitor to your company website doesn’t care about the colors, design, the layout or that you have the latest icons and stylesheet features. In fact, no one cares what your website looks like (as long as the design isn’t too atrocious).

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Virus Attack: A Malware Story

An overdue school assignment, an MS-DOS computer and a virus… What could go wrong? Learn what happened to me and how you can protect your data against malware and viruses.

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Stop Email Attacks With This Simple Advice

Emails can be received immediately anywhere in the world. Email communication is reliable, cheap and almost instant. And the popularity of email makes a perfect medium for cyberattacks, scams and spam. So how do you know if a message is legitimate?

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Your website has been hacked?

Your Website Has Been Hacked!

We have hacked your website and extracted your databases.Our team has found a vulnerability in your site that we exploited to gain full control of all your information… What would you do if you got a message like this?

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Digital Contact Tracing... Necessity or Nightmare?

Smartphone Contact Tracing… Necessity or Nightmare?

What’s the best way to stop a pandemic? Health officials have many tools at their disposal, but at the outset, contact tracing may be the only means of halting the spread. What if there were a way to use technology to aid in tracking infected people? Enter digital contact tracing.

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Web development and computer tech support for small business and non-profits / based in Colorado Springs

We live in a world that gets more packed with technology every day. From computers and smart phones, to web sites and databases and apps, to email and the cloud, we have more options to connect us to the information we need.

So how can all this technology help you and your small business? Can you reach more customers and make more money? Streamline your work and your bookkeeping? What about just saving your time so you can focus on big-picture business plans? With the right technology and design partner, you can do all this and more.

ComputerKick has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry working with all kinds of clients. Keep reading to see how we can help your company make money, save time and reach more customers.

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Website development, including HTML, WordPress and .NET / Responsive web pages for mobile devices / Custom programming and applications


Installation and support for security systems / Disaster recovery planning / Security audits for programs, websites and networks


Tech support for computers, servers, devices and networks, on-site and remote / Management for your email and company directory


Training for you and your staff / Technical writing, planning and workflow automation / Custom reports, spreadsheets and databases

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