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ComputerKick started from a love of technology. We started tinkering and learning, and we never stopped. We deliver high quality solutions that exceed expectations.

How We Help You

ComputerKick provides web development, tech support and cybersecurity services for entrepreneurs and small business.


Over twenty years of combined experience in technology. Industry certified in websites, programming, networking and cybersecurity.

Put Your Tech to Work


Develop and optimize your website / WordPress and .NET


Upgrade and support your technology / PCs and networks


Analyze and secure your data / compliance and training

ComputerKick is an information technology consultant that provides web development, tech support and cybersecurity services. We work with business owners, executives and individuals to deliver the technical solutions they need.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, medical professionals, non-profits, educational organizations and schools. We are typically hired by small businesses. Clients hire us to develop and optimize their websites, secure their data, plan their technology and upgrade their business processes.

Small businesses (and non-profits) call ComputerKick when:

  • Frustrated by the performance and quality of their website
  • Fed up with outdated software
  • Unable to get the data and reports they need
  • Worried about the security and continuity of their business data

Web development, tech support and cybersecurity services for entrepreneurs and small business

Get results from your website

How do you know your bank website really belongs to your bank? How often should you change your passwords? What was the first virus? How can you secure your computer and your phone? What can you do to make your website fast and secure?

Read our blog to find out!


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